I’m sorry to say unfortunately 6 is just a touch too young in my experience. At age 7, your child will have had a bit more expeience in school and be more confident in coming to sewing lessons, and will have developed their dexterity aswell so they will be able to use the machines and other sewing apartatus to a higher extent. Don’t despair though! I’m actually thinking about holding some young beginners classes/workshops for this age bracket that are slightly less complex but still allow your child to flare their creativity! If you sign up to my mailing list, I can keep you up to date with this information.

Unfortunately not, I’m sorry. A sewing room can be quite a hazardous place for little one’s on their hands and knees and I wouldn’t want to risk them injuring themselves. I’d love to be more accomodating for infants but in my experience, they’re often quite distracting (and rightfully so, afterall, babies are cute!) and this is unfair to the other students in the class as it affects the lesson.

Absolutely! I’m a mother myself and understand the concern. I take all children’s safety and well being very seriously and have full documentation under NSW legislation to work with children.