Sewing Time offers the following classes:

Children's Classes

Children's sewing classes are held after school and run during the school term. The students complete a curriculum of fun and creative projects while having fun and making new friends. They develop fantastic hand eye coordination skills and learn how to work with other people

School Holiday Workshops

School Holiday Workshops are great fun for the kids to keep them engaged and creative during the school holidays. We have half-day and full-day workshops where the children can complete different projects each holidays. They feel so proud of what they create and have a fun time doing it.

Adult's Sewing Classes

Held during the day or in the evenings, adult's sewing classes are a great way to learn a new skill, develop your existing sewing skills, or explore a new creative outlet for yourself. Don't be scared about trying it out, you'll be able to fix that hole in those pants or make that dress you've always wanted to make in no time with me to guide you. Coffee, tea and biscuits provided.

Birthday Parties

A Sewing Time Sewing Party is an unforgettable day of fun with your friends, making fantastic projects with each other to remember your special day. Parties include boys and girls from ages 7+ and can be held either in our own sewing studio, or, for your convenience, we can come to you and host the party at your place!

HSC Tutoring

If you're looking for a bit of extra help in your textiles and design based HSC subjects, I also offer HSC tutoring. I've helped several girls develop their major projects and take them to a higher standard of sewing in their HSC subjects to get better results. You're more than welcome to come to classes one-on-one for special individualised attention to your project or, bring a friend along to tutoring and work on your projects together.

Private Tuition

I offer private tuition as well for anyone looking to hone in on a particular skill or design and develop a passion project from start to finish. You could treat this as a hands on consultancy session where I help you achieve the goal you'd like to complete.