With over 25 years experience within the fashion industry, I started Sewing Time in 2016 after having noticed that my daughter wanted to learn how to sew clothes for her dolls and other little things. It was from this that I realised that the art of sewing needed to be taught to the next generation of children.

My passion for sewing has taken me across the world, working as a fully qualified industry pattern maker and designer in Paris, London and Sydney. After returning to Australia, I ran my own made to measure bespoke bridal and evening wear business in the Eastern suburbs for 18 years. I have taught pattern making at The Whitehouse School of Fashion, and Couture at the Fashion School of East Sydney Technical College, so I come with a vast knowledge and skill set.

Sewing Time currently follows the Sewing Spot curriculum. Students have the opportunity to learn to sew a variety of items and new skills appropriate to the project each term. The smiles on their faces when they bring home their finished projects and show them off proudly to you is so satisfying.  Sewing Time offers a great after school activity where friendships are made, skills are learnt, and it provides a small creative outlet after the stresses of schoolwork and sport commitments.